A Match Made in Heaven: Big Oil Blunt and the Big Oil Bailout

Oil Drum Stuffed With MoneyLast Friday, it came as no surprise that Big Oil Blunt was disappointed when Sen. Murkowski’s “Big Oil Bailout” resolution failed to pass in the Senate. The Murkowski Resolution, which would have dismantled or frozen the Clean Air Act, was just another bailout aimed at protecting Big Oil, corporate polluters and lobbyists. It would have put public health at risk, jeopardized long-overdue action to hold the biggest polluters accountable and kept America addicted to oil.

But Blunt has never been a fan of holding polluter’s responsible for their actions and clearly puts special interests ahead of public interests. That’s why he is a cosponsor of multiple pieces of companion legislation in the House (HJ Res. 77, HR 391).

However, it’s never enough for him to just sponsor bills designed to protect special interests. In typical Big Oil Blunt fashion, he felt the need to tweet bad information for all the world to see.

@RoyBlunt – Washington Democrats this week supported a backdoor cap & tax scheme. Cap & tax will kill 32,000 jobs in Missouri in 1st year.

First of all, the Clean Air Act is not a “backdoor cap & tax scheme.” It is a law passed by Congress decades ago that requires the EPA to protect the air our children breathe. Secondly, Blunt feels no need to cite a source for the 32,000 jobs in the first year statistic, which, by the way, is false. The comprehensive energy bill that Blunt voted against last year would actually help create new jobs in Missouri.

He also fails to mention that Missourians spend over $10 billion on oil each year, while the U.S. spends $1 billion a day on foreign oil. Blunt’s buddies in the oil industry have been blocking energy reform for decades, but with oil spewing across the Gulf, it is now more clear than ever that our dependence on oil — be it from hostile nations or friendly coasts — hurts our economy, threatens our national security and harms our environment.

Sadly, instead of helping Missouri transition to a local sources of clean, secure energy, Big Oil Blunt is determined to continuing siding with the Big Oil companies that fund his campaigns.