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Ethics-Challenged Big Oil Blunt Plans TWO Fundraisers With Ethics-Challenged Karl Rove

Politico reports that Big Oil Blunt will hold two high-dollar fundraisers with ethically-challenged former George W. Bush advisor Karl Rove on Monday. The article describes the fundraisers as fancy affairs: Rove is slated to host two events for the seven-term congressman: a breakfast in St. Charles and a luncheon in Springfield, the Blunt campaign confirmed […]

A Match Made in Heaven: Big Oil Blunt and the Big Oil Bailout

Last Friday, it came as no surprise that Big Oil Blunt was disappointed when Sen. Murkowski’s “Big Oil Bailout” resolution failed to pass in the Senate. The Murkowski Resolution, which would have dismantled or frozen the Clean Air Act, was just another bailout aimed at protecting Big Oil, corporate polluters and lobbyists. It would have […]

Unbelievable: Big Oil Blunt Takes Halliburton Money While His Committee Investigates Halliburton/BP/ Transocean Oil Spill

Politico reported yesterday that Big Oil Blunt took a $1,000 campaign check from perennial bad actor Halliburton while his Congressional committee was investigating the massive oil spill in which Halliburton is involved: As Congress investigated its role in the doomed Deep Horizon oil rig, Halliburton donated $17,000 to candidates running for federal office, giving money […]

NEW POLL: Big Oil Blunt is the Least Popular Major GOP Senate Candidate

According to new polling data from Public Policy Polling, Big Oil Blunt has the worst favorability ratings of any major Republican Senate candidate this year. 41% of Missourians have an unfavorable impression of Big Oil Blunt, while only 25% view him favorably. Maybe that’s because he’s so out of touch with Missourians on the issues […]

Big Oil Blunt’s BP Money & Big Oil Record

We’ve pointed out before that Big Oil Blunt has taken more than $1 million from Big Oil and other energy interests over his entire career in Congress — including $487,798 from the oil and gas industry alone. But, as the catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf Coast continues, it’s worth pointing out that over the […]

Tax Day Edition: Big Oil Blunt Favors Oil Profits Over Clean Energy Jobs

On April 15th, we are all especially attentive to how our tax dollars are being spent. So here at Big Oil Blunt, we thought it fitting to point out today that Big Oil Blunt has consistently voted to continue billions in wasteful taxpayer-funded giveaways to oil companies. Meanwhile, Blunt voted against three initiatives that would […]