Press Release

LCV Names Roy Blunt to 2010 Dirty Dozen List, Launches

On June 26, 2009, Roy Blunt voted against the bipartisan American Clean Energy and Security Act in the House of Representatives. According to independent analysis, a comprehensive clean energy and climate bill like ACES would:

  • Help create 1.7 million new American jobs, including more than 35,000 in Missouri.
  • Save 240 million barrels of oil per year by 2020. With America spending more than $1 billion a day on foreign oil, that means less money flowing into the hands of hostile countries like Iran and Venezuela.
  • Prevent more than 2 billion tons of pollution per year by 2020, resulting in cleaner air and water for our children.

Polls show that Blunt was on the wrong side of public opinion when he voted against clean energy jobs:

  • A January 20th, 2010 poll of battleground states including Missouri showed that the public overwhelming supports a clean energy bill that caps carbon pollution: respondents supported by a 58 37 percent margin an energy bill that contains cap-and-trade. Independents supported cap-and-trade by a +11 point margin.
  • A November, 2009¬†Pew poll also revealed Missouri’s storng support for a comprehensive clean energy bill, with 67 percent of respondents in support of a bill that would require factories and power companies to reduce their emissions of the carbon pollution that causes global warming by 20% by the year 2020, and require power companies to generate 15% of their power from clean energy sources like wind and solar by the year 2025.

And how does Roy Blunt counter the strong public support for this win-win clean energy jobs plan? By repeating proven lies, including the phony claim that a clean energy bill would raise rates on families by $1761 an attack that the nonpartisan group has shown to be FALSE.