Tax Day Edition: Big Oil Blunt Favors Oil Profits Over Clean Energy Jobs

On April 15th, we are all especially attentive to how our tax dollars are being spent. So here at Big Oil Blunt, we thought it fitting to point out today that Big Oil Blunt has consistently voted to continue billions in wasteful taxpayer-funded giveaways to oil companies.

Meanwhile, Blunt voted against three initiatives that would have taken away wasteful subsidies from Big Oil and turned them into job-creating clean energy tax breaks:

  • Oil Subsidies Repeal (Roll Call Vote 40, 1/18/07)
  • Clean Energy Tax Credits (Roll Call Vote 84, 2/27/2008)
  • Clean Energy Tax Credits (Roll Call Vote 344, 5/21/2008)

Investing in clean energy would create four times as many jobs as continuing wasteful oil subsidies. And the comprehensive clean energy bill Blunt voted against last year would help create 36,000 jobs in Missouri alone. But none of that matters to Big Oil Blunt, whose main concern is pleasing his oil industry pals.