Unbelievable: Big Oil Blunt Takes Halliburton Money While His Committee Investigates Halliburton/BP/ Transocean Oil Spill

Politico reported yesterday that Big Oil Blunt took a $1,000 campaign check from perennial bad actor Halliburton while his Congressional committee was investigating the massive oil spill in which Halliburton is involved:

As Congress investigated its role in the doomed Deep Horizon oil rig, Halliburton donated $17,000 to candidates running for federal office, giving money to several lawmakers on committees that have launched inquiries into the massive spill.

Halliburtons political contributions in May are the highest theyve been since September 2009, when the PAC also gave $17,000 in donations. In fact, the last time the company gave more than $17,000 in one month was when it donated $25,000 during the heat of the presidential campaign in September 2008.

Where does Big Oil Blunt factor into the equation?

In the House Reps. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.), who serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee, Mike Coffman (R-Colo.), who serves on the Natural Resources Committee, Geoff Davis (R-Ky.) and Dave Camp (R-Mich.) all received $1,000 from the oil giant.

In fact, Blunt’s committee held a hearing May 27th on the massive spill’s causes and the response.

Conflict of interest much? Well, now that you mention it, yes: Big Oil Blunt has also taken $11,500 from the oil giant BP’s federal PAC, which makes him one of the top ten Congressional recipients of dirty BP PAC money.